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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Suran wrap sculpture

Hello There.
Kids had a great time doing this project. A lot of laughing going on during class.
You need saran wrap and clear packing tape which if you sell on etsy or ebay you have a lot of that laying around.

You need an armature. I have heads from manikins I use for a lot of my art work but you can use any thing that has a good form that will hold the tape. The bowl photo is of a Michael Lax mid century bowl and Blenko glass balls.

Anyway you start by wrapping the armature with saran wrap so the tape won't stick to your armature and then you wrap it with the clear packing tape. When your done you cut up the side of half of the armature and pull the tape and saran wrap off. I like to gentle pull away the extra loose saran wrap from the inside. You can fill it with pompoms, feathers what ever you like and tape the slit back up to close.

The kids did there foot, arms, one brought a basket ball and filled it.

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