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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cb2 Nesting Dolls

Check out this set of 6 Russian Nesting Dolls at Cb2. If you like Cool Artsy Stuff they have a lot of it.

Needle felting Art Project

I guess keeping in the same Picasso art here is a abstract needle felting art project I found at Zart Art.
I just learned how to felt a bit ago and it is very fun and a great stress reliever.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Picasso Pizza Face Wall Art

This is my sons art he made in our art class. We call it Picasso pizza face.
I don't have any pix of how we made them but it is pretty simple.

Use any plate or bowl of your choice.
Cover it with suran wrap.
Put 2 layers of plaster cloth over laping it like you would with paper mache.

Then use thick cording or roll up newspaper and tape it to make shapes for nose, eyes, mouth and what ever else you would like to put on the face and tape it or glue it to the 2 layers of plaster cloth and then put 2 more layers of plaster cloth on over the whole face.

Let it dry for a couple days.

Make sure it is fully dry before you paint.
Paint with acrylics and after a few days coat with poly to seal.

I mounted Picasso Pizza face on a thick MDF board I painter black.

I LOVE this face he did. It's hanging in my dining room.

A fun site to make abstract picasso faces.
Snow and more snow. It's beautiful when it first comes down.
A look outside our front and side door this morning.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Plaster cloth Bowl Art Project

Plaster cloth bowls were made in class. First you blow up a balloon and tape it to a wide weighty container so it doesn't tip. Start by putting a couple layers of plaster cloth on about half way up the balloon, you can be creative and do it on a slant or up higher then half way.
Then add cord or any shaped object you like, plaster cloth a couple more coats over the top of the entire  bowl. Give it a couple days to dry and then paint with acrylics. After about 7 days you can coat it with a poly to give it a satin or gloss look.

Plaster cloth
Acrylic paint


Monday, January 3, 2011

Wire Rock Mobile Sculpture art Project

For class we made rock wire mobile sculptures . First we went out searching for rocks which is easy on our 6 acres. Then we wrapped the thicker 18 gauge wire around the rock to secure and when up at about a 10" length height and cut the wire and bent the end slightly. Then attach other colored wire to the 10" length. Let your imagination go wild.

Colored wire 18 22 24 gauge


New Etsy Shop Cool Stuff by Design

I have just started a new Etsy shop called Coolstuffbydesign. It's for my more craftier side. Please stop by and take a look.
my other shop is
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