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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Picasso Pizza Face Wall Art

This is my sons art he made in our art class. We call it Picasso pizza face.
I don't have any pix of how we made them but it is pretty simple.

Use any plate or bowl of your choice.
Cover it with suran wrap.
Put 2 layers of plaster cloth over laping it like you would with paper mache.

Then use thick cording or roll up newspaper and tape it to make shapes for nose, eyes, mouth and what ever else you would like to put on the face and tape it or glue it to the 2 layers of plaster cloth and then put 2 more layers of plaster cloth on over the whole face.

Let it dry for a couple days.

Make sure it is fully dry before you paint.
Paint with acrylics and after a few days coat with poly to seal.

I mounted Picasso Pizza face on a thick MDF board I painter black.

I LOVE this face he did. It's hanging in my dining room.

A fun site to make abstract picasso faces.

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