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Monday, June 6, 2011

Tooling Metal Art Project


Hello fun, artsy people hope everyone had a great weekend. I decided to have the kids make a art project I haven't done since the 5th grade. Tooling with metal. I remember how fun it was to tool and then we mounted our project with tiny nails onto a wood backing. I had to read up on it a bit to refresh my memory.  I thought this would make a great fathers day present.
I ordered my metal for tooling at Whimsie studio. For this project I used the 36 gauge roll of aluminum. They have the metal in many colors and thicknesses so you could use what ever you like. You will need a thick pile of newspaper. Something pointy to tool with I use the wooden skewers you get at the grocery store for kabobs and just snip the ends to make them less pointy. We also colored our tooling art with sharpies when finished. We mounted them in a frame I got at the dollar store and done. Great fathers day present and one he can always cherish... ENJOY!



  1. Great idea, Christine! I agree- this would be treasured!

  2. This is some great metal artwork. Thanks for sharing. You gave me some great ideas for some metal art projects of my own.


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