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Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Fun Colors, Fall Outside my Door

Can you find the miniature horse in the picture...
Yes! there is a horse in the picture...

Our time of nice high 60 -70 degree weather is winding down. This week I have a feeling may be the last we feel of it here in Tennessee and then the much colder weather will be upon us. That is why, when it's nice I just love to be outside, painting, photographing or just spending time with the horses. Just wanted to share with you what it looks like outside my door today.

If you know what the last photo is Please Leave a comment and let us know.

This is our fire bush we have 4 of them around our driveway. They are just gorgeous this time of the year.

Love the fall tree colors. Even though we didn't have a lot of rain this year we still managed to have some beautiful colors.

This huge plant decided to grow up the outside of the house. We have no idea what it is, maybe an elephant ear plant? It's so fun and pretty we don't want to cut it down.

Does anyone know what type of plant it may be???


  1. Beautiful photographs, Christine! It is all white here in Colorado today- All our fall color is gone, so I enjoyed seeing yours!

  2. Thanks Erin..I think we are at our peek of colors this week. My family up in NY got quite a bit of snow to..


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