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Monday, January 30, 2012

A New Direction! There seems to be a season for everything.

  I've been quite busy with my Etsy shops Coolstuffartgallery and Thevintagebirds my blogs for both shops, twitter, pinterest, emails, you know how it is and much other busyness. I use to hold an art class to home school kids but this season there has been changes and I will be taking a new direction with my CoolstuffartGallery blog. With the class I had a lot of art projects to post about which I will not have.

 So this season I will be focusing more on my art work. My clock collections seem to be doing well so I want to focus on clocks and functional wall art collections which I very much enjoy designing. My vintage shop Thevintagebirds is doing well and it feeds my love of buying, sharing and selling vintage. I love it because some items I also get to up-cycle, re-purpose.  

 The new direction for my posts I will be sharing my art more and also I thought I would have a tip of the day. Which would be pertaining to Art, DIY home improvement. My Husband is a carpenter/contractor and a lot of rehab and additions go on so I will be sharing helpful tips on how to DIY. 
Also places I've visited or any other topic I think may be interesting to share.

 I love color so I will be adding a post one day a week using mine or available photos to display the color hues.
Plus it gives me a change to show off my photos.
And always my Favorite Friday Artists.

 Social media takes much time so I think it's important for me to choose the ones I enjoy the most. I love Twitter, sharing mine and other artists and bloggers works and information, making friends. I also love Pinterest, Fun, Fun and Flicker because it's a great way to show off your items/photos with no advertising pop ups and it's simple and quick to use.

 I have a family and a miniature horse farm so things happen. I'm hoping to get on a blog schedule, but if not I will be posting. 
There seems to be a season for everything. I've never been afraid of taking a new direction, I just embrace it...

What does your season hold for you??

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