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Monday, February 20, 2012

Adding an Addition onto our House

Part of the concrete floor had to be jack hammered up and a new slab poured. Not my husbands favorite material to work with. Dusty and messy..

Hi All
We decided to build an addition on the downstairs part of our house. A few years back we closed in part of the porch upstairs. But this addition will extend the garage and living space downstairs. My husband is a carpenter/contractor so we have always enjoyed updating and added extra living space to our homes we have lived it.  I haven't always taken photos of ever project but I wish I did. So this one I am getting photos of.

Years ago we use to live in the house while working on it but it makes such a mess, so over the years we have managed to get most work done before we moved it. That is what is nice about this addition. Most of the work will be done before we move the existing sliding glass doors out to the new framed area so most of the dust and mess is staying out of the house.  The extra garage space which will be 12 x 14 is going to work perfect for a packing area as we have quite a bit of packing now with my CoolStuffArtGallery shop and my TheVintageBirds shop. The living area which will be 12 x 10 will give a good view over to the horse barn which wasn't there before.

The photo below, the top photo was where the addition was on Friday and the second was the end of the next day Saturday. My husband frames fast. :-)
My son is twelve and a big helper and is learning a lot about this trade..

Any rehab/addition tips I can gather out of my husband along the way I will share..

1st tip - Put the water in the cement mixer first then the concrete mix, the other way it makes a big ball and doesn't mix well..

Thanks for visiting!

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