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Monday, May 7, 2012

My New Camera Photos and Options

I just purchased a new camera, Nikon D5100 one I have been wanting for awhile. My old camera has taken a lot of photos and has done me well but it was time to change.

The camera was delivered on Friday and I have had some chance to play with it. Of course right away I wanted to try the effects on the camera to see what it can do. The pix below are taken with the selective color setting which is really fun. All colors other then selected colors are recorded in black and white.

It's much lighter then my old camera and I bought the VR 18 - 55 and VR 55-200 lens. So far the little I have played with it I love it already.

I like to try out the camera first on just automatic to see what it can do. The pix where taken in my house with no extra lighting just point and shoot. I think it did very well.
I will be sharing more photos as I play with the camera some more. 

Thanks for Visiting!

Photos by Christine Zeller

Thanks for Visiting!

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