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Friday, February 4, 2011

Mod Podge Fun Sculpture

We made this project in class last year. I actually seen it on the Internet but can't remember where.
I had the kids make the sculptures doing something they like to do or would like to so. So here is my son's sculpture playing video games.

Materials you will need........
Aluminum foil
Mod podge
Masking tape
Tissue paper
and cardboard for and platform or extras you may want to add.

Cut the aluminum foil to the size you want. The one here is about 10" by 10" for the horse but a person you may want 18" by 18". Have you kids rest there hand on the middle of the foil and gentle start pushing in the foil being carefully not to rip the foil slits further. Continue crunching the foil until you have you shape. After you have your shape crunch the foil tight and bend it in the shape you want and add more foil to your sculpture for definition and then tape the whole sculpture with masking tape.
Mount to your base with wire or glue and Mod podge the whole sculpture over lapping the tissue paper pieces. You can add detail with acrylic paint.
Kids had a great time with this project.

Another students project below.

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