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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Must have art supplies

I like to call this my most needed and used art supplies. These are the supplies we use most in our home school art class. With these few materials we can do so much.

My art supply list

Sharpies - Great for everything.
Masking Tape and Newspaper are great for sculptures, armatures, fillers.

Fabric tac - This stuff is great, we use it for everything. It glues great to porous items.
Mod Podge - Love this stuff. I like the hard coat.

Acrylic paints
Chipboard - This is great stuff, it can be purchased in three colors and they have two different sizes at Blick art materials. The thicker is hard for the kids to cut, you have to use a paper cutter. But the thinner they can cut with scissors.

Plaster cloth which we use a lot of.

So this is my must have art supplies list.

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