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Monday, April 18, 2011

Abstract Bead Wire Sculpture Art Project

This was a fun and easy project for the kids. I encouraged the kids to bend the wire into random shapes and to use as many or as little beads as they like and be creative with the coloring of the beads. All the materials were ones I already had on hand. Left over 2 x 4 wood, sculpting wire, wood beads, wood markers.  Have Fun!

( Material list )

Wood base
Sculpting wire
Wood markers, Sharpies or paint
Acrylic Paint

Drill a hole in the block of wood. Paint wood base and any beads you like. Put one end of the wire in hole and bend to make your design. Once you have your wire where you like it put your beads on. Put glue in both holes and put wire in. I used epoxy glue in holes but you can use E 6000 or Super glue. Give the glue a day before you start moving the beads.



  1. Has anyone done this project? I am an art teacher and would love to have my students create something like this. But I had a few questions about how to attach the beads and what type of wire to use. Help me out!!!

  2. I added the instruction on how to put it together above. Have Fun!


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