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Monday, April 11, 2011

Aluminum Sculpture Art Project

Well this was a class that everyone really enjoyed. They all had different ideas a designs. This project is kinda like the one my grandmother did when I was young. Slightly different she didn't have the chipboard underneath the foil but she painted her design on the foil and put it into a picture frame. I still have the one she made me when I was little in my hope chest.

Material list

Aluminum foil ( heavy guage)
Chipboard or cardboard or board
Pieces of chipboard in different shapes
Fabric Tac glue ( love this stuff)

Glue chipboard pieces to big piece of chipboard. Gentle wrap foil around board. Gentle rub with your thumb on foil so designs raise, being careful not to puncture threw the foil ( don't use your nail).
Glue foil to back. Sharpie the raised designs. make a border, make two holes in the top put string threw and hang.


  1. This looks like fun, Christine! Yet another activity I am filing away to keep my boys creative and busy this summer! For the chipboard, do you cut down cereal boxes and save it for your projects, or can you buy it plain?

  2. Thanks Erin! I buy chipboard at Blick art materials online. They have a light weight or heavy weight. This project was the HW for base and LW for designs. But you could use cardboard.

  3. It is really a informative stuff, thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Hi, Erin. I just sent you a note from your contact box about needing permission to use a photo of yours. You do such great stuff with kids.


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