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Monday, April 25, 2011

Doodle Drawing Art Project

Well were doing a bit of drawing this month so again I chose a fun easy project that I call Doodle Art. I had the kids draw with a pencil squiggle pattern like they were conduction an orchestra making rounded full squiggle's over lapping each other. Then draw over there pattern with a sharpie, balck or what ever color you chose. I had them fill spaces in with different colors using Crayons, Sharpies, Water color makers, Colored pencils and Water colors paints.
At first they thought it was going to be very simple and not much to do, but when they got into it they really enjoyed seeing the pattern and colors emerge. Some added wording or designs in there spaces.
( Materials List )
Water color paper
Water color markers
Colored pencils
Water color paints
Kids :-)


  1. So far, my entire Pinterest Board for "Things I want to create with my kids" are your ideas!

  2. Well im glad to hear that. I know the kids will have fun with them!

  3. I'm sharing this as a Mother's Day idea on my blog! Will link it here!

  4. Is the girls name Katie or Kathe?


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