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Monday, March 5, 2012

Adding and Addition onto our House Part 3

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks but the addition on the back of our house is pretty much done. Just a few minor things left and of coarse clean up, dust and debris.
The right side is the garage addition which will be pretty convenient for a packing area for my Etsy shops.

Here is a photo of the inside where the glass doors are. 
We didn't cover over the brick wall that use to be the outside. I think it gives it a nice rustic look.

A few DIY Tips - The wide wood around where the old door way was has to be stained. The sides I will use a small brush as not to get it on the white molding but the wide wood part I will use a white cloth to put the stain on. It seems to go on more even with a cloth.

Calking Tip - Make sure you cut the opening to your calk tube on a slant and not to big,. Cut it about the size cracks you will be filling. When calking the trim around the windows and baseboards. Run a bead of calk all along the baseboard top and wet your finger and run it along the the calk it blends it in well and gives it a nice finish look.

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