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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

House Sculpture Project

Fun Project and the kids got to build. We made the houses/buildings out of chipboard. All the kids had different ideas with there structures. Some did country,abstract,modern, houses or buildings but they were all different. I encouraged them to put yard art and side walks around there structures.
We used a lot of the materials from my must have art supplies list post.

Materials needed
Chipboard or cardboard you already have
Fabric tac glue
Dura lar- (clear film)

We started out with a 14" by 7.5" chipboard base. Cut chipboard to the sizes you want for walls and roof. Let the kids experiment with different designs. Color the panels before you glue your pieces together. Coloring after you glue together will be very hard.  We used a mix of Sharpies,crayons,paint. The tac glue is very fast drying and works very well. We also used Dura lar for the windows which is a clear thin film great for art work. Join the link party at Todays creative blog.


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  1. That is super cool! Takes me back to drafting class, when we had to build a scale model of our design. This is brilliant, and a perfect activity for the kids!


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