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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tape Painting Project

This is a really easy but very fun tape painting project we did in class. There are not many supplies and the kids had fun. They wanted to paint more and more of them. This is my sons.


Canvas any size
Paint, we use acrylic
Painters tape, it comes in different sizes.
Paint brush

First you arrange the tape on the canvas in the design you want, making sure all your pieces are touching another piece or running off the edge. Very important- run your finger all around the edges to make sure the edges of the tape are pressed down on the canvas good or you will get paint underneath the tape.
Then start painting each space a different color. When done painting when paint is still wet start pulling off the tape starting with the last one you put on. Important- The tape must be pulled off when still wet if you do it when it's dry it may pull the paint off to.

When the tape is pulled off you can either leave it or paint designs in the colored areas.
Have Fun!


  1. Love this! I'm going to share with my 14 yo daughter.

  2. Thanks a bunch for your encouragement and comments!

  3. What an awesome, easy way to get kids painting abstracts! I would think this is virtually fool-proof!

  4. It's like to see a childrens parties that has a painting activity on the party cause it will develop the artistic skills of the children.


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